Post-Conviction Relief

Oklahoma citizens facing difficulty following a criminal conviction may be entitled to relief according to Oklahoma law. A mistake does not need to follow you through the rest of your life. If you are experiencing difficulty with employment, licensing, or other matter due to your prior criminal record contact an experienced Oklahoma attorney who can help you.

Oklahoma juries and judges can sometimes make mistakes, and even in what appear to be ironclad cases there is always room for an appeal.  Should appeals fail, defendants may have a right to post-conviction relief after they begin to serve their sentences in order to have their convictions reversed.  Even after paying fines and serving prison time, convictions can plague the record of a person who has paid their debt to society and now only wants to live a normal life.

A criminal record can prevent people from owning guns, obtaining licenses, and require registration after sex or drug convictions.  Some convictions can bar employment in certain positions, and may even prevent people from living in certain parts of the city.  Far too many people continue paying for their mistakes once they have served their legally required punishment, and a simple slip in judgment can haunt an otherwise decent person for years.

Fortunately, a procedure called conviction relief can help remedy these unpleasant situations.  Stringent background checks for new employment can reveal things best left in the past, but an expunged conviction looks far better to prospective employers than a lingering and open conviction.  Felony convictions are particularly troublesome for potential employers to ignore, and will remain a hurdle as long as you do not take the action available.

Not every conviction relief situation is the same.  The law differs from misdemeanors and felonies, and also differs from juvenile to adult crimes.  If you want to secure your future and move on with your life you need to consult a dedicated and experienced Oklahoma conviction relief attorney immediately.  You may be able to reduce your felony to a misdemeanor, or even expunge the record entirely of your past indiscretions.   Let us show you how.