Motorcycle Accidents​​

All accidents can be nasty, but motorcycle accidents can result in particularly horrific

injuries. Many victims of motorcycle accidents are severely injured and undergo serious
life changes and disabilities due to motorcycle accidents. In most cases a motorcycle
accident is not actually the fault of the motorcyclist but of the driver of the car, van,
truck, or other vehicle because the other driver was simply unable to see the
motorcycle, however, this does not excuse them from blame. It is important for
those involved in a motorcycle accident to contact an experienced lawyer in order
to recover costs for injury, distress, loss of wages, medical expenses, and other
damages caused as a result of the motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accidents require special attention and the benefit of a highly qualified and

aggressive attorney. At Adams Law Office in Tulsa, we focus on recovering damages
that are sufficient to meet the needs of severely or permanently injured Oklahoma
motorcycle accident victims.

The worst motorcycle accident injuries can involve various degrees of brain damage,

extensive or disabling injuries to the spinal cord, or even amputation of an arm or leg.
Conventional motor vehicle accident investigation and settlement techniques are often
inadequate to recover damages sufficient to meet the financial burdens related to the
victim's present and future treatment and rehabilitation needs. In cases of permanent
disability, the costs of treatment, home or institutional care, and adaptive technology can easily run into the millions. Few private auto insurance policies will even come anywhere close to covering the expenses of supporting the severely injured survivor of a motorcycle collision over a lifetime.

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