Protecting FMLA for Oklahoma Employees
If you have found yourself in the position of being a target of illegal discriminatory practices in the workplace, taking legal action against your employer can feel intimidating and overwhelming. Whether your FMLA concern relates to a wrongful termination, discriminatory behaviors, improper payment of wages, or a wide array of other illegal actions, we’ll provide strong, knowledgeable counsel that protects your rights under the law.
Is my employer required to adhere to the FMLA act? 
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was passed by Congress in 1993.  Under this law, certain employees may be allowed to take up to twelve weeks of unpaid time off of work while their employment positions within the company are protected under the law, if  their employers are covered.  Only certain scenarios may allow for an employee to take an FMLA leave, however; some of the most common reasons include:  attorney, tulsa, oklahoma, personal injury, discrimination, criminal defense, eeoc, sexual harrassment, workplace discrimination, Patrick, adams, lawyer, tulsa, Oklahoma, fmla
  • The birth of a child or the care of a newborn                        
  • Adoption and welcoming a new child into your home                        
  • Caring for a child, spouse or parent with a serious health condition                        
  • Diagnosis of a serious health condition that precludes you from performing your essential job functions

These are common scenarios, but not all employers are required to grant and FMLA leave, and not all employees are going to be eligible for FMLA leave.  The law applies to different employees’ circumstances in different ways, which can be confusing.  We are ready to explain how the law applies to your particular situation. 
You can read more about FMLA law from the United States Department of Labor here:
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