Fighting Age Discrimination in Oklahoma

Age discrimination is, unfortunately, a very serious reality for many Oklahomans.  Legally defined, age discrimination is the practice of letting a person's age unfairly become a factor when deciding who receives a new job, a promotion, or other job benefit.
This type of discrimination in the workplace is more often experienced by older employees, though it can be geared toward younger people, as well.  Either way, it is not acceptable, and everyone has the rights and protections to safeguard against it.  We are here to help you stand up against discrimination regardless of your age if it has been used against you in any way.

When your livelihood has been put at risk

Your career may be your lifelong passion, or you may just be working hard every day to make ends meet.  Either way, your job makes up a very large and important part of your life.  Facing lean economic times and constant advances in technology in nearly every field, long-term employees are still often the first to go.  This can happen in any sector and nearly all industries. A solid work ethic and proficiency at your job may not be enough to thwart this type of discrimination.
Age discrimination is illegal, yet many employees over the age of 40 find themselves face to face with obstacles such as reduced hours or benefits, ageism harassment, denied promotions and wrongful termination.
If you or someone you know has been put into this position, we are prepared and eager to help you take the first steps toward righting these wrongs.  There is a cultural shift in the conversations around ageism and the negative stigmas attached, but it’s not enough to ensure justice on its own just yet.